There are many ways you can hire me. Check Them Out!

Request a FREE OF CHARGE BUDGET (ideal for custom projects). We will send a detailed budget, with timelines, costs, and a link so you can hire us directly.


Payment: We request a 50% upfront payment to start working on the project, and the rest is paid upon completion, with your full aproval of the finished job! You can pay with all major credit cards or wire transfer from Payoneer associated acounts.


If you’re familiar and already registered in GURU all you have to do is visit my profile and hire me! Yes, Just like that!

What exactly is GURU?

Guru is a web based hiring platform. These platforms allow us to work in a safe environment, because it creates a contract between client and provider, and the total amount of the project is escrowed by the system until the client approves it.


If you never worked with GURU but you want to, it’s pretty simple:

– You have to sign in to access and hire me.

Our way of work

1. Project Starts

Job contract is signed, accepting the costs and deadlines discussed previously.

2. First Contact

We reach out to you to gain knowledge about the project, solve any doubts and/or request extra information or materials needed to start the project.

3. Evaluation and Creativity

Here is when the magic starts. We evaluate your needs, and we come up with several proposals and together we choose the best ones to move on to the design stage.

4. Design Stage

According to your needs, one or more concepts will be designed (based on what we previously discussed) Once we finish them, we’ll send them to you for your feedback.

5. Feedback

Now is your time to chime in! We’ll ask for you to review the designs and provide us with some feedback. This process could take some back & forth until we reach the design you love!

6. Approval

We’re finally there! Final design is sent and approved.


7. Originals Delivery

We’ll send the originals with all the deliverables we previously agreed upon.


8. End of the Project

That’s a wrap! But don’t worry, in case of print materials or web projects, we will follow up to assure that everything ends up the way it should and with the optimal quality.

We are eager to start working on your new project!